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Xara Photo & Graphic Designer  v.7. 1. 2001

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is famous for its speed and unrivaled ease of use, making it not just a highly productive tool, but a pleasure to be creative.

Dead Guys Boxing

You want to get recognized in the world of graphic design. To be an excellent graphic designer there is one more thing to be done. To claim your glory you have to fight some of the best graphic designers in the history. Though these guys are all


FontLab  v.4 6

For the professional typographer, graphic designer and software developer who needs the creative flexibility to build unique, top quality, bullet proof typefaces.

FFFFound  v.

Are you a graphic-designer, artist, crafter, or someone that just likes pretty pictures? Well then you NEED this app. FFFFound provides a stream of inspirational images (from the blog) throughout the day, right to your phone! Plus, just

FeedMeUp  v.

Flick the fish to feed the pelican. Hurry up! Time goes by, You have got only 30 seconds. For every 10 correct hits you get a +5 sec. Just have fun and play. Graphic designer : Ryszard

Xara Designer Pro  v.7. 1. 2002

Xara Designer Pro 7 is a powerful application that you can use for graphic designing, document editing and many other activities. Xara Design Pro 7 can become the web designer's best friend.

With ABCNavUltimate Java Menu All your Graphic Design Needs Will Be Met  v.9.0

ABCNavUltimate Java Menu is widely recognised as one of the best and most appealing ways to navigate a web site.

GuideGuide  v.1.0

GuideGuide is a columns, rows and midpoints panel for Photoshop CS4 & CS5. GuideGuide is a graphic plugin designed to add a panel with columns, rows and midpoints.

FontCreator Home Edition

This professional font editor allows you to create and edit TrueType fonts. It has the powerful font-creation tools that typographers and graphic designers require, and an intuitive interface that even allows beginners to become productive

QuickChange Background Maker  v.

Background Maker is an inexpensive and very simple way to create designer backgrounds, as well as menus and professional full screen posters. Designer quality screen backgrounds can be created in a few minutes.

Powerpoint template & Background  v.0.4

Terrific abstract template on digital theme with the globe in center will be a great solution for presentations on interface design, graphic design, computer technologies and innovations, software, Internet, and the like. Are you looking for

Amazing Photo Editor  v.7.9.2

Amazing Photo Editor allows you to view and edit your digital images. It includes all the standard editing tools as well as a variety of effects and filters to chose from. The software supports more than 50 image formats,

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